#7 Fimo tutorial : sweet kitty ! Goodbye summer…

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And welcome to Autumn… I hope you’ll enjoy this new tutorial ! 🙂

ice cream kitty catpot kitty fimokitty fimo tutopineapple for kitty fimokitty fimo

#2 Origami tutorial : a sweet frog !


This is my second origami tutorial ! It was quite difficult and long to do because of the level difficulty of this origami. I hope you’ll enjoy it and you’ll try this tutorial ! 🙂

P.D : English isn’t my mother tongue. ^^


Difficulty level / difficulté : ★★★★☆


First of all, you have to made this square base before to start.



#4 Fimo tutorial : sweet colorful bird !


What I like with polymer clay is that it is possible to form many things easily (more or less) ; this time I imagined a small colorful bird which I propose here the tutorial. It is a little bit complicated than usual because it requires a little more technical and precision for crest and bird’s wings. But it’s not impossible to do !

Ce que j’aime avec la pâte polymère c’est qu’il ait possible de donner forme à de nombreuses choses aisément (plus ou moins) ; cette fois j’ai imaginé un petit oiseau coloré dont voici le tutoriel. Il est un petit peu plus compliqué que d’habitude car il requiert un peu plus de technique et de précision pour la crête et les ailes de l’oiseau. Mais ce n’est pas impossible à faire ! 

Difficulty level / difficulté :  ★★★☆☆