Any questions ? If you want to ask me questions about articles, tutorials, recipes , me (?) etc don’t hesitate ; this page is made for that !

Besoin d’aide ? Si vous souhaitez me poser des questions à propos des articles, tutoriels, recettes, moi (?) etc n’hésitez surtout pas ; cette page est faite pour ça !

2 thoughts on “F.A.Q

  1. Hello ! I’d like to now how do we don’t burn the tooth pick when you put in the oven
    By the way, your fimo tutos are great, I hope you will do more ! 🙂

    • Hi lemonade 🙂 At the time of cooking fimo temperature should be as low as possible; your fimo have to be in the oven for a maximum of 30 minutes at a temperature of 110 ° C/230 ° F. /!\ It should be not in contact with the oven resistor ! Oh, thank you for your support 🙂 I’ll try to post other tutorials in future.

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